About Us


We have a strong focus on advocacy, information sharing, and community outreach. We routinely work with the under-served portion of our community to help keep dogs in homes by providing necessary resources. That includes but is not limited to: low cost spay/neuter, vetting assistance, training assistance, help with food, and collaboration to acquire affordable, non-discriminatory housing.

We are located upstate in Rochester, NY.

We consider it an honor to advocate for the ones that have been forgotten, abandoned, discarded, and abused. We will continue to advocate for them through perseverance, education, and tireless dedication.

Remember, a companion animal can be a 10 – 15 year commitment (at least!). Do not cast them aside, be a responsible pet owner, protect your companions, love and care for them, provide humane training and enrichment, take them to the vet, and spay and/or neuter.